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You may need a cell phone jammer kit

As we all know, exams require a relatively quiet test room and ensure that there is no sound from cell phones, which means that anyone taking the test is not allowed to use cell phones or other communication tools to communicate with candidates. the world inside. In this case, a wifi jammer is essential for the test site. In fact, wifi signal jamming devices have been created and put into use. On our website, you can learn more about the various jammers, including the frequency bands they block and the spacing they block.

As with every innovation, while the mobile phone has brought us good, it has also brought great downsides. There is no doubt that mobile phones are the most beneficial communication tools, but wasting too much energy on mobile phones is indeed harmful to our health, which also makes the use of jammers an important device. We can use 5G signal jammer products to cut off the WiFi of mobile phones. GPS and other frequency bands simultaneously.

We can take a very good measure to prevent the loss of convenience and benefits brought by mobile phones, that is to buy a good quality wifi jammer, and the price is cheap. The installation in a suitable area will not only affect the signal reception of the mobile phone, but also prevent the mobile phone from transmitting signals through wireless networks such as WiFi hotspots. Mr. from playing with the phone, to prevent students from surfing the Internet. There are many types of jammers, and you should specify which model you buy to meet your needs.