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Will 5G mobile phone signal be stronger than 4G mobile phone signal?

5G mobile phones are released one after another. Will 5G mobile phone signal be stronger than 4G signal? 5G mobile phone signal is not necessarily stronger than 4G mobile phone signal! Although 5G network speed is faster than 4G, the signal strength is not necessarily stronger than 4G signal.

In previous years, the 5G network has just been launched, and the establishment of the hardware base stations of the three major operators has just begun. Due to the high cost and slow speed of the SA mode of networking, it cannot meet the needs of users quickly, so it is temporarily used on the basis of 4G macro base stations, and the NSA group is used. The network mode, 5G network establishment, and NAS mode establishment have less network functions, but they can be put into use quickly.

Even if the NAS networking method is used, it will take a certain amount of time, and mobile phone baseband chip manufacturers and 5G mobile phone manufacturers will also need a certain amount of time to develop and consume 5G mobile phones. Although some have been released in previous years, they are still pilot products. Many centers are not mature enough to be widely used.

So, for these reasons, a 5G phone doesn’t necessarily have a stronger signal than a 4G phone. Let me talk in detail. Why?

  1. Understand 5G wireless networks
    5G network is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology and the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology. The advantages of 5G networks are high speed, low latency, energy savings, lower costs, added system capacity and massive device connectivity.

Currently, the international research team includes: Huawei Technologies and China Mobile. The biggest features of the 5G network are: ① The data rate is fast, up to 10Gbp/s, which is about 100 times faster than the 4G network ② The network delay is very small, less than 1 millisecond at all, and the delay of 4G is 30-70 milliseconds. A 2-hour high-definition movie only takes about 1 second.

  1. Comparison of 5G wireless network and 4G network
    The comparison between 5G wireless network and 4G wireless network is mainly the difference in speed. 5G can reach speeds of up to 10bp/s, while 4G can reach speeds of up to 100Mbp/s. The difference is hundreds of times, and the speed can be said to far exceed the speed of 4G.

However, the strength of the network signal is related to this speed, but to the following elements (see below for details). The signal strength can be seen on the signal bar icon displayed on our phone. A good grid indicates a very strong signal. , and vice versa. The strength of the mobile phone signal is the most fundamental factor affecting the speed of the mobile phone, but it is not a secondary factor.

The strength of the signal is related to many aspects

  1. The distance between the mobile phone and the macro base station
    The radio signals received by our mobile phones are broadcast by several macro base stations across the country. The macro base station is the signal tower we often see. The closer our phone is to the base station, the stronger the signal, and vice versa.
  2. Can the signal transmission between the macro base station and the mobile phone be smooth?
    The signals received by our mobile phones are usually radio signals, that is, electromagnetic waves. We have studied physics in junior high school and know that electromagnetic waves are easily disturbed by various objects. If the mobile phone signal is strong, not only close to the base station, but also close to the base station. There shouldn’t be too much distraction. For example, there are many high-rise buildings in cities, many mountains and slopes in rural areas, and various electromagnetic equipment in industry, which will weaken the signal attenuation.

small coverage, poor anti-interference ability, and poor diffraction ability.

Third, the function of mobile phone baseband chip
The function of the baseband chip that our mobile phone receives and processes the signal also has a certain impact on the network signal. After all, the chip on the phone is used to receive and process the signal. Chips of different manufacturers and different functions have different signal reception capabilities. This phenomenon can be noticed in our daily life. Different mobile phones can have different signal strengths in the same center.