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Mobile phone jammers are products with relatively wide coverage

4G cell phone jammer are independent shielding products, and cannot be called maintenance systems. The maintenance system can be called centralized control. The application of a variety of shielding products can be integrated to provide a highly centralized control of the shielding product forming system. A series of smart phone screen management systems developed by […]

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WiFi jammers ensure adequate sleep

In some situations, cell phone calls can interfere with other people, such as in movie theaters, classrooms, or conference rooms. Some places prohibit phone calls. Prisons install wifi jammers to prevent inmates from calling themselves. This kind of “interference” is inappropriate in the hands of the group, and it is expensive and energy efficient. They […]

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GPS jammers maintain our position

Need to fully consider the impact of practical equipment. We provide a strong guarantee from the technical level. Useful for meeting various interference requirements. Without advanced consumer technology, the use of cell phone jammers cannot carry forward such effects. The quality can be greatly improved. It is the advantage of professional mobile disturbance equipment manufacturers. […]

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The blocking range of cell phone jammers depends on the signal strength

You’ll find the perfect portable cell phone jammer for the perfect condition, whether it’s a test site, a church, or any center where a quiet place is required. Mr. loses their attention in class. Improve efficiency. A gentleman is playing with his cell phone. This is a very serious situation. Cell phone jammers try to […]

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Cell Phone Jammers to Free You from the Annoyances of Your Life

I heard about traffic accidents. cause serious traffic accidents. There are many risks, such as falls and injuries in unexpected centers. When using a smartphone, it is important to follow the rules and etiquette and use it safely and happily. There are cell phone jammers that disable the signal on your smartphone. You used to […]

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Cell phone jammers and base stations suppress each other

However, the key to suppressing the effects of frequency hopping and spread spectrum communication is high frequency filtering, but it is because of high frequency. Amplifiers and mixers are discrete components that, when severely affected, can cause intermodulation effects and noise nasty changes that can block the RF front end. In addition, there are many […]

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Drone Signal Competition – The Importance of Distraction Technology

Potential adversaries in the field of drone jamming – China and RussiaWith the drone industry taking off, some groups and groups have started to use drones for malicious purposes around the world. Many companies are watching this trend and trying to enter the counter-drone industry. They have launched a variety of drone guns, anti-UAS shotgun […]

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Good reasons to use cell phone jammers in movie theaters and theaters

Often, when entering a movie theater or auditorium, turning off your phone is the most basic etiquette. However, some people ignore these etiquettes and rules anyway. Yes, you are always interrupted when you are watching a movie. Trying to persuade people to watch the most fundamental social thinking in the movie. If you’ve watched theaters […]