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Cell phone jammers have different shielding ranges

“If there’s anything that defines the 21st century, it’s our inability to control ourselves to benefit others,” said James Katz, director of the Center for Mobile Communications at Rutgers University. “The people who call think they’re better than you. People around have more rights. People with jammers think their rights are more important.” The radio […]

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The mobile phone jammer achieves the shielding effect by suppressing the signal

Cell phone jamming is primarily described as a device that disrupts cell phone networks to prevent first contact with nearby sites. Once the phone enters its interference zone, the mobile shielding device destroys its frequencies by emitting higher and stronger frequencies, thus putting the phone in a “dead zone”. Users will not be able to […]

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Super mobile jammers can work for long periods of time

In China, the requirements for English knowledge and skills are relatively high, so the certification of cet4 and cet6 exams was once opened. Students who have passed the two certification exams will have more opportunities in future assignments, as many companies focus more on English knowledge and skills. Therefore, many universities attach great importance to […]

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Mobile jammers will expand around the world

With the popularity of smart phones, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and its communication products are also very convenient. You can easily stop more family communication, even video calls. However, the use of mobile phones is becoming more and more serious. Smartphones have functions such as shooting, GPS positioning, and GPS navigation. These features […]

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Mobile phone shielding equipment is required in many places

In the early days of the mobile communication era, national network agencies auctioned frequencies to mobile communication operators with the highest bid. Beforehand, each network operator was assigned a separate frequency for use. Therefore, the current legal situation regarding the acceptance and use of hand-held interceptors is as follows: in the GSM frequency range, only […]

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Monitoring drone jammer avoidance places

To shield the signal, the interferer transmits radio frequency power (CW+ modulation) at the opposite frequency to the enemy link or network. The friend’s receiver (the “listening” part) will receive both the drone signal jammer transmission and the “companion” transmission. If the drone interferes with the “companion”‘s power supply, the “receiver” will not be able […]