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future of war

The World Economic Forum’s analysis of the future of war brings back a clear message: War will become faster, deadlier, and therefore less human and humane than ever. Humans will have agents on the battlefield (drones), agents at headquarters (threat analysis and instant decision-making), and agents in friends’ backyards (cyber attacks on infrastructure). On the […]

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Legality of Global Jammers

Techniques to intentionally interfere with electromagnetic frequencies have been implemented in a variety of devices that are increasingly being made available to groups and organizations. While some jammers block communications indiscriminately, there are several types of specialized devices designed to block certain signals. Among the most popular are cell phone jammers, wifi signal jammers, drone […]

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High-power signal jammer completely blocks nearby cell phones, Wi-Fi and GPS signals

High Power Signal Jammer, a powerful solution that completely blocks nearby cell phones, Wi-Fi and GPS signals. This 300W High Power VHF UHF NMT CDMA Single Jammer with waterproof and shockproof design, powerful and ineffective, can effectively block any wireless network, GPS device and cell phone signal (including GSM, CDMA, dcs and phs bands) without […]

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Classrooms to block cellphone signals, controversial lawyers say it’s not law-abiding

Most Chinese Finance and Economics students expressed support. The person in charge of the project said that he would not prevent the get out of class from being dismissed, and the lawyer said that he did not abide by the law. China Broadcasting Network, Beijing, May 12. Yesterday, the website of the Central University of […]

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How to give full play to the role of mobile phone signal jammer?

When technologically advanced mobile cheating methods are widely used, the maintenance of discipline and order in the examination room will also increase the difficulty and pressure. Especially after being familiar with the task principle of shielding equipment, the functional advantages of professional equipment can be expressed from different angles. As we all know, the technical […]

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Cheating can be described as a high-tech “spy war” Who will ensure fairness in the exam?

Unattended radio stations, radio walkie-talkies, invisible earphones… High-tech equipment that can only be shown in spy movies, are now used by some criminals in various exams. The college entrance examination, public examination, postgraduate entrance examination, etc., one after another “cheating radio waves” challenge the fairness of the examination. The examination room presents “mysterious radio waves”, […]

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GPS jammers ensure the effectiveness of information management

There is a problem with the security of wireless communication. In modern information technology, cell phone jammers are very important devices. Stop carrying cell phones Stop military training and activities. No military, major government agencies or cell phones are used. Mobile jammers are very convenient. It is very convenient to use and can effectively achieve […]

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Use a cell phone jammer to block the signal on your class phone

U.S. military experts said that in the closed exercise, the GPS signal near the U.S. military battlefield reached the maximum limit, which means that a small number of international civil aviation flights are in serious condition. This also clarifies that the exercise is “real”. sacrifice. The U.S. military believes the country may have the ability […]