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Use of jammers to avoid fraud in China’s 2017 Gao Kao exams

More than 20 million students went to the city’s 39 examination districts, 117 examination centres and more than 7,000 examination centres for the 2017 college entrance examinations in Chongqing. To prevent candidates from using wireless communication devices such as mobile phones to commit fraud, the government used mobile phone jammers during the competition without interrupting […]

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High school students are strictly prohibited to play with cell phones signal shield helped

Regarding secondary school students, learning is the most important thing, but there are many parents who let their children play with their cell phones, resulting in many teachers having a bad time in class. As the school installed the cell phone jammer, teachers would turn on the device during class and turn it off after […]

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The purchase of signal blocker in addition to the price, but also need to think about what factors?

Elements to consider when choosing a cell phone jammer device. The choice of cell phone signal blocker is good for you. Do not trust any big brand. The price is not a secondary element. Whether the cell phone signal shield can be qualified, you can see from the company’s various certifications, the materials used, debugging […]

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The indissoluble bond between cell phone signal jammers and metal detectors

If metal detectors and security doors (referring to metal security door detection equipment) are compared to appearance and shadow, then signal shielding installation and metal detectors are the internal and external relationship of the security inspection tasks in the educational examination room. Tomorrow, we will give you some discussion and analysis. Like many conference venues, […]

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How to judge the quality of mobile phone jammer?

First, cell phone jammers should not interfere with the normal functioning of other electronic devices. Since cell phone jammers are supposed to block cell phone signals, they shouldn’t have other unnecessary uses. Secondly, the mobile phone jammer must have a fluctuating interference signal, neither weak nor strong. A good cell phone blocker can block cell […]

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Mobile phone jammer applications

Mobile phone jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to jam criminal and terrorist communications. bombs dropped in Spain in March 2004, as well as those detonated in Bali in October 2002 and Jakarta in August 2003, were detonated by mobile phones. A mobile phone jammer reportedly prevented an assassination attempt on […]

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The police station strictly deploys anti-drone equipment to combat high-tech meritorious service

The ways of high-tech meritorious service are becoming more and more diverse. The use of drones has seriously affected the housing of citizens and has become a serious problem that plagues the public. This time, the use of drones is constantly being discovered in a certain community. After the citizens called the police, the police […]