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Why stop drones?

Using a drone frequency jammer, you can prevent unauthorized tracking of your people or vehicles. Don’t let your neighbors or anyone else stop spying on your wealth and your family.

Many drones are so quiet that you won’t notice them right away, meaning you’re being watched without your knowledge. You do not approve of the photo or video being taken of you, and you cannot review the photo or video, nor can you conclusively agree with what they will do with your data.

When you have a drone jammer, the drone is not able to navigate your wealth and you cannot be snooped on.

They don’t need any kind of license to operate it, and most likely they don’t have much experience. This means that if there is an issue, it may break down.

Drones hovering over your wealth can damage your home, car, attached buildings or landscape.

national security results
Drones also pose a threat to national security and can wreak havoc, such as at Gatwick Airport in 2018. Drones have been spotted near the airport, although rules prohibit them from flying within 1 km of the airport.

Airport authorities had no way of knowing who was operating the drones and what their intentions were, so they closed the airport until they could be sure that passengers could fly safely.

The same is true in the United States. Military air bases and airports are considered restricted airspace. No drones can fly there.

Any disturbance from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as drones can be considered threatening, and the use of signal jammers can help limit airspace.

Types of Drone Jammers
If you’re thinking about getting a drone jammer app for your wealth, you need to know how far the signal can reach. You can use different signal strengths for different purposes. In some cases, you may need more than one to protect the entire perimeter of your wealth.

When shopping, be sure to read details about signal transmission intervals and the types of harassment available for drones. The price of a drone jammer can also be a deciding factor in which model and how many you buy.