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Where do you think people can find short-range GPS jammers

Local police departments have begun investigating the use of mobile phones to interfere with devices at three driving test sites in Tokyo, which will ban the use of mobile phones, including smartphones, after cheating on a driving test in Tokyo. Cell phone signal blockers block the radio waves of your cell phone within a certain range, thereby preventing incoming calls. Many people ask this question. With the rapid development of high-tech technology, the devices that block mobile phone calls on the Internet have the following functions: cut off the phone signal. You can choose a jammer according to your practical needs.

We provide wifi signal jammers in various frequency bands to ensure quality and order. After the car driving test cheating incident in Tokyo, the local police department organized an organized and meritorious countermeasure. In the first case, the Muxian Public Security Bureau, as an accomplice, arrested a suspect who cheated in a high-tech manner in a driver’s license test and violated the Road Traffic Law.

A mobile phone is a means of communication that you can use for your convenience. However, using the phone incorrectly can cause serious problems. For example, if a student cheats by using his mobile phone in an exam, he can use his mobile phone to look up the correct answer. In order to ensure fairness, the installation of mobile phone jammers is a very important measure. Compared to traditional cheats, high-tech cheats using the terminology of wireless earphones.