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What should I do if GPS is blocked?

The locator signal shielded by the GPS blocker will be completely blocked, which will directly lead to the offline of the GPS locator. Any positioning and anti-theft function is the same as that of a fake. After the GPS locator cannot be used, car companies will not be able to understand the shape of the car in time, which will lead to difficulties in vehicle management, and can also incur huge losses for the company!

Is there a way to hack GPS jammers?

not yet! but! …

In practical terms, jammers can actually be subtly hacked by increasing the signal power of the device or bypassing the band of the jamming frequency. However, this method is very difficult to implement, and it can also be blocked by the other party’s high-energy jammer. kill!

Strategy 1: Switch positioning methods
Since the signal blocker can usually only block a certain kind of signal, when the GPS signal is blocked, the GPS locator can actually switch to another signal positioning method to continue the task. Many locators, such as Boschie, have dual positioning modes (GPS+LBS). When the GPS satellite signal is blocked, it can intelligently switch to the LBS signal, and use the nearby mobile base station to continuously locate the car.

Strategy 2: Smart Sleep
The phrase “play dead if you can’t beat you” perfectly describes the locator’s use of sleep to avoid blocking

During the sleep period, the GPS locator will not send and receive any signals. It will wake up only when the set task time is up and send the vehicle data to the owner. Therefore, the blocker cannot block its signal. Since it basically does not send a signal, and the detector cannot detect the signal, neither the blocker nor the detector can function.