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What is a laser jammer?

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Literally, a laser jammer is a device that prevents other laser-based devices from working properly. In practice, this often involves the use of laser jammers to prevent law enforcement from tracking vehicles with laser guns.

Police laser guns work by emitting an invisible beam of light in the near-infrared spectrum. The laser it fires is usually aimed at the vehicle in a manner similar to how someone would aim a gun.

How do laser jammers work?
While it looks complicated in nature, laser jammers aren’t as complicated as you might think. In the late stages of its development, the laser jammer would only attempt to suppress the infrared beams of police laser guns.

It will do this by firing a beam that is much brighter than the laser of the officer’s equipment. As you can guess, this makes late-stage laser jammers very easy to spot by law enforcement.

However, laser jammers eventually reached a level where they could reduce beam brightness while still remaining ineffective.

A secondary action plan is to develop a few alternatives to track vehicle speed to make it more difficult for the laser jammer to function properly.

This created a scenario where the obligation of contemporary laser jammer manufacturers was to develop a product that would protect users from all types of contemporary law enforcement laser guns.

Ancient laser jammers can now decode the signal used by the laser gun and send the reply back to the device. Ideally, the replies sent to the laser gun would be at opposite pulse repetition rates and frequencies. This will cause the speed to not be displayed even if the gun is pointed at the moving vehicle.

The laser jammer installed in this area are locally called transceivers. The transceiver will stop communicating with the controller you have installed under your vehicle’s dashboard.

The controller would then communicate with an internal display, which would retract the alert when the driver was aimed at the laser gun.

However, it’s also important to note that you may need multiple laser jammers to achieve the desired effect. This is especially true if you own a larger vehicle, such as an SUV. In this case, you may need up to three laser jammers to fully protect yourself.