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What are the requirements for confidential meeting management?

The organizer of the conference needs to check the participants according to the confirmed list of participants, by showing the corresponding certificates, verifying their identities, etc., to ensure that the participants are accurate and prevent relevant personnel from entering the venue.

For a meeting with a high degree of confidentiality of the content of the meeting or the release carrier, or a meeting involving more secret-related personnel, a confidential work plan should be held at an external venue and implemented. The venue of the confidential meeting must be determined by the relevant departments of the Confidentiality Office, the meeting venue must be kept confidential, and the venue service personnel must conduct strict review. Designate a special person to be responsible for the distribution, removal, delivery and destruction of conference-related carriers, and handle cancellation and payment procedures to enhance confidentiality management.

The technical equipment used at the venue should meet the requirements of security and confidentiality, and it is forbidden to carry mobile phones and laptop computers with limited Internet access functions, and to prohibit unauthorized photography, video recording, and audio recording of equipment with the following functions. According to the needs of the meeting, set up mobile phone jammers in the conference room if necessary.

Participants and staff must strictly abide by the confidentiality discipline of the meeting, and must not disclose the content of the meeting or unannounced matters. After the meeting, the content of the meeting is generally not released or reported to the public. When it is necessary to publicize the report, it shall be approved by the relevant confidentiality management department, and at the same time, the manuscript of the publicity report shall be subject to a confidential review.