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What are the misunderstandings about cell phone signal jammers?

In today’s society, all kinds of radio jammer are familiar to everyone, so everyone understands cell phone signal jammers. In the past few years, various shielding installations have appeared on the market one after another. Everyone said that their shields are very good, and the information is so wet that you are confused. In this humid environment, it is inevitable that everyone will have some misunderstandings about shielding installation, so today I will tell you where the misunderstandings are.

Everyone thinks that the greater the power of the mobile phone jammer, the farther the application range is. In fact, this is not entirely true. Many manufacturers deliberately exaggerate the openness of shielding power by using ordinary users who cannot detect the exact power. Reference the nominal power target of the device. Regarding the large-scale mobile phone signal shielding system, shielding technology is the decisive factor affecting the shielding effect. The advantages of advanced shielding technology often outweigh the output power of the shielded installation.

The main lobe masking angle is defined as the shielding angle of the mobile phone signal when the external power of the main lobe drops by 3dB. That is, the radiation intensity from the front and back of the directional antenna is only much lower than the main lobe. Therefore, if the space close to the antenna is relatively shielded, the reflection of the shielded building will still cause internal disturbances. In addition, if used improperly, downlink interference will be formed, and the interference range will be larger. Therefore, whether the equipment technology can meet the conditions,

The spacing of cell phone jammers is related to the strength and quality of the signal in space. In short, intervals are meaningless. The same shielding power, if the distance of the weak point is 100 meters-70 decibels, then the distance of the strong point of 52 decibels is only 12.5 meters. The shield spacing is related to the antenna gain. The same power shielding host uses antennas with different gains, and the spacing will vary greatly. For example, antennas with a gain of 16db are separated by 100 meters, while antennas with a gain of 4db are separated by only 25 meters.

All in all, when choosing a mobile phone signal jammer, you must test it yourself based on the practical conditions of the field environment.