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What are the guidelines for the use of cell phone signal blockers?

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Among the people who use 5g blocker, some are to prevent cheating in exams, and some are to quiet confidential information in meetings or conferences. But it is also for their own benefit. For example, the owner of a payphone can use a jammer to disturb the mobile base stations around his place of business so that people working around the payphone he operates, the cell phone is not convenient to use. Instead, they use payphones to make calls and add their economic benefits. In addition, mobile operators are also able to use shielding equipment to the detriment of others, thereby gaining an advantage over certain local competition in the same industry. In addition, it is easy to add software to the signal jammer to become a veritable monitoring device.

The above list is what people use the device for, but whatever the purpose is, it should not be obtained at the expense of mass mobile communications. In fact, according to the study, the device is able to be installed without affecting the normal use of mass mobile communication.

Actual analysis shows that the cell phone blocker work, if the setting is not reasonable, transmitting too much power. In the conference room, classroom and other small confined spaces, electromagnetic waves accumulate in the small space, through the walls that were originally separated from the outside world. According to the survey, the college entrance exams and examinations are the most signal shields used in some places, and in some examination rooms using the device, the local parties (college entrance exam invigilators, candidates and teachers) suffer from agitation and inability to focus. Some candidates even showed headache symptoms. Many signs indicate that if the device’s transmitting power is turned on too much, it will seriously endanger the normal thinking of candidates in the examination room.

We all know that the radio waves in mid-air freely convey the characteristics of the cell phone signal jammer can block the mobile communication base station signal in a certain area, to reach its unlimited purpose, but also different levels of damage to health. Use this equipment with caution.

Functional management should increase control and standardize the use of this equipment.