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What are the components of a wireless signal jammer?

We may use devices such as wireless signal jammers in which areas or times in our lives, but do you know the composition and placement of wifi blocker? Next, let’s take a look at:

A host, an antenna, and a power adapter. For signal shielding in the device, because there is a strong signal magnetic field around the host and the antenna (normally 20-30 cm), there must be magnetic field disturbance around the 220V line (normally 5-10 cm), so how to link the device and place the position of each component? Being together is very important.

The device spacing of each part of the mobile phone jammer is as follows:
The power adapter should be separated from the host by more than 20cm; if the installation is in progress, the signal jammer cannot be far away from the power supply due to the limitations of the field equipment environment, and the power adapter can be placed under the jammer host. After choosing this method, the power adapter will still be disturbed by the strong magnetic field of the mobile phone jammer host, but the interference is less than when the power adapter is placed on both sides of the host. 20cm around the antenna; (including the left and right of the antenna, the top of the antenna, and the strong electric dark wire buried in the wall where the antenna is located, if it is unavoidable, try not to bury it within 10cm)

Tighten the antenna before turning on the power of the wireless signal jammer. The antenna must be perpendicular to the antenna. The numbers marked on the antenna are absolutely consistent with the numbers marked on the antenna hole of the host. Don’t make a mistake, it can’t be turned on without an antenna.