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What are signal jammers and how do they work

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, digital technology seems to have taken over our lives completely, feeling that we are simply reduced to a series of signals. The signal even picks up our words. We often feel like we’re getting mixed signals; we’re signaling to the person across the room; we’re being invited to retract our believing career-promoting signals and admonish us to be careful not to let our signals cross. No wonder one recent holiday season boasted a “Christmas phone jammer sale.”

On a more serious level, with so much communication all around us, people and organizations are carefully mulling over different types of jammers to quell the noise and limit how much it gets through. While there are many types of signals, how a signal jammer works is actually pretty simple. Once you know the frequency of the signal of interest, simply suppress that signal by returning a stronger signal. If you want to target more than just devices, but normal signal traffic, point your jammer at the base station/relay antenna. The further away it is, the more force you need to engulf it. If the signal hops frequencies, the more common signal infixes are masked by masking a range of frequencies. Sometimes, as with drone signal jammers, the need for jamming signals is focused in a specific direction.

At home, they are adopting cell phone jammers to gain more control over their lives. These devices can define quiet “phone-free zones” to improve quality of life. In many households, there is one device per person, and it can be difficult to have meaningful conversations on all of these screens. Aging parents recognize that family meal intimacy is at risk of extinction. To prevent resistance, they are using cell phone jammers to enforce “dinner time” and help rediscover “cell phone discipline.”

In the workplace, organizations have seen that maintaining sensitive proprietary and corporate data can require them to use WIFI blocker around the office, which will provide security by preventing data leakage or theft. The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes sinful usefulness has persuaded security-conscious professionals to deploy drone jammers as standard operating procedures to maintain people and premises.