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Use of cell phone jammers

For governments and militaries, cell phone signal jammer are very weak. They have been used in a variety of counterterrorism strategies, from blocking radio communications to banning explosives. Stopping criminals and defense forces from communicating is key to thwarting their schemes and their ability to gather and strategize.

Civilians concerned about their privacy see jammers as an offensive strategy. Signal jammers can block cell phones and other devices from communicating with the outside world. This prevents devices such as microphones, GPS trackers, and cameras from transmitting data to malicious actors.

It can help bring war and let you focus on your life instead of constantly on the phone.

Employers can use cell phone blocker on a large or small scale. They can use them during meetings to avoid employee distraction. Or, they could prevent employees from using their phones to send and receive communications during work hours.

Schools can use cell phone jammers to stop teachers from using their phones during class.

Other centers that rely on quiet, like libraries and theaters, may employ cell phone jammers to stop visitors’ phones from ringing. It also prevents people from using their phones entirely during a visit.