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US prisoners use drone delivery to escape jail

The South Carolina Department of Corrections and Law Enforcement attested on July 7 that Jimmy Causey, who escaped prison a few days earlier, was arrested that morning. Perform jailbreak. Drones are an innovative product, but they are often used by people with ulterior motives to do law-abiding things, and there are hidden dangers of law-abiding use.

When people talk about drones, they will think of how to use drones to take aerial photos of Meimei, or use drones for electric cruise, environmental monitoring, etc. These are the conveniences brought by innovative drone products. But it is undeniable that with the popularity of drones, more and more people start to play drones, and the safety hazards of drones are becoming more and more serious.

In foreign countries, there are many cases of using drone delivery vehicles to assist in the implementation of prison escapes, and even more directly using drones to drop bombs. In China, there have been many flight delays caused by drone “black flying” in previous years. Relevant regulators have also introduced strict regulatory laws, and recently introduced measures to cancel the real-name registration of drones.

It has become a consensus that there are hidden dangers in the legal use of drones. In the past years, there have been many incidents of “black flying” drones flying around airports and flights, which has also made the Chinese people soberly realize that small drones have not only brought innovation, but also brought serious disasters.

It is believed that the relevant units have stopped the discussion and implementation. The other is to stop interference from the communication level of the drone. Both the remote control and image transmission signals of the UAV require wireless communication. Only by interrupting and cutting off the communication between the UAV and the remote control, the effect of no-flying in the airspace can be achieved.

This is the principle of the mission of the drone to block the piecemeal. Beginning with wireless communications, the drone’s signal transmission was cut off. In China, some important places or serious activities need to guard against the invasion of “black flying” drones, and the drone blocking system comes in handy. Prisoners in prisons with extremely high security levels in the United States will use drones to transport vehicles to escape from prisons. It is necessary to prepare for the popularity of drones in China and many “black flying” to prevent problems before they occur.