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Ultra Mini Handheld WiFi Jammer

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies that support short-range data exchange via fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4g frequency band. From this point of view, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth has created great convenience for asking people to use them to send information and files. As a result, Wi-Fi connections are cheap for large companies because it can connect to multiple systems via a single wifi signal. Bluetooth can also be used to assist people in sending and sharing files. With the development of wireless networks, people can easily use WiFi network access now, which has indeed brought a lot of convenience to people.

If not configured properly, criminals can easily obtain passwords and important personal information from wireless networks. This is a real risk once someone else knows the password. The most obvious aspect is that since passwords are used as wireless networks, your privacy is vulnerable to hackers due to their poor abilities. On the other hand, because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections have the ability to track your location and working body, similar to the triangulation of cell towers. So other people can easily know your status.

How to ensure your information is not leaked?
Nowadays people pay more attention to safety and privacy in their tasks and daily life, you always want to find a good way to avoid them being attacked or give privacy. Today is the condition for online privacy and time security. So jamming the WiFi signal can help people deal with this problem. By using a WiFi/Bluetooth signaljammer, other people will get the ability to access the wireless network, you only need to use the wired network to ensure your normal use. Therefore, it is very important that WiFi and Bluetooth jammers can eliminate potential risks for you. Then this 13W high-power 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth mobile phone signal jammer is designed for this purpose,

In a word, WiFi Jammer can help you eliminate information risks well. If you want more options, please visit our website.