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U.S. military develops military jammers on a large scale

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Using Military Jammers in Peace
To help deter adversaries from targeting them, U.S. forces can deploy military jammers to make aircraft and troops “invisible” to enemy technology. Avoiding detection can stop ineffective strikes and help keep American soldiers safe.

Weapons that can jam or destroy U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach initial operational capability within the next few years, according to a new intelligence report.

On-board electronic jammers attempt to block signals from entering radio-controlled improvised explosive installations. The military also uses portable backpack jammers. The U.S. military needs to work in heavily congested environments. The Howler can unleash its Disruption Elimination System to defeat the Disruption System and ensure uninterrupted radio communications for air, sea, and air forces.

A number of companies have been commissioned to supply jammers to the coalition. Ajammer is interested in technologies that could be used in this category in 2 to 8 months — “speed of light” in DoD lingo.

Military GPS signal jammers play a vital role on the battlefield by informing and protecting soldiers from incoming friends.

Continued investments in jamming technologies are not expected to meet the next generation requirements in terms of innovation, and the demand for military jammers is estimated to increase in the coming years, thereby propelling the growth of the military jammers market over the forecast period. The increase in the use of drones in restricted areas, the increase in the use of radar scrambling bait, the increase in terrorist activities, and the high cost of electronic countermeasures systems (mainly from different governments) are the main growth drivers for the military jammer market. Thus, the increasing reliance of the military sector on GPS-based applications from time to time is also one of the secondary factors driving the growing demand for different types of military jammers over the forecast period.