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Traffic police with cell phone signal jammer

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The police from the Traffic Police Detachment and the Fourth Brigade police directly used mobile phone signal jammers to enforce the law at the Wutai intersection in Laishan District.

Since the launch of the “Xunlei” rectification of serious traffic violations, the city’s traffic police departments have used all equipment and adopted unconventional measures to rectify serious traffic violations. The reporter learned today that on the eve of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to avoid the rebound of illegal acts such as drinking and unlicensed, the city traffic police department increased equipment investment, and “mobile phone signal jammers” appeared on the stage. Weapons said “no” to human interference.

As a new type of information security product, the mobile phone signal jammer uses specific electromagnetic signals to form an electronic fence where maintenance is required, so that the mobile phone cannot receive base station data and cannot establish contact with the mobile phone. base station. An electromagnetic protective field is formed around the police car, with a shielding diameter of tens of meters, which does not affect the use of electronic equipment such as handstands. The purpose of setting the shielding diameter is not only to effectively shield the mobile phone signals of the police, but also to minimize the disturbance to the mobile phone signals of the surrounding crowd as much as possible.

In the future, the five direct management teams can use mobile phone signal blockers to interfere with all law enforcement in daily law enforcement and maximize the safety of urban people. The traffic police detachment also extended the coverage of mobile phone signal jammers to traffic police brigades in all counties and urban areas of the city, creating a better law enforcement environment for the city’s traffic police.

Equipped with this device, the traffic police no longer have to worry about finding someone to delay the law enforcement after finding that the driver is abiding by the law, and the law enforcement efficiency can be greatly improved!