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Threats of jamming technology from Western powers

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They responded with a new type of weapon: an anti-drone gun that the military jammed control signals to force an intruding drone to land itself.

But service officials would not reveal the type of system and whether it could use electronic jamming, conventional missiles, a combination of the two or other methods to shoot down enemy drones.

China is also developing a range of counter-drone capabilities to prevent unauthorized or friendly flying robots from flying over sensitive or vulnerable drones, given China’s global leadership position in consumer drones and military UAS exports The location makes sense. In the case of Wuhan, drone jammer app jammer “guns” — not just because they “shoot,” but because they look like assault rifles — cost around $19,000 and can reportedly jam the farthest Control signals from a kilometer away. Although this figure assumes that the user has a special purpose.

The piece was acquired by the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. The al-Qaeda group is responsible for surveillance communications and marketing of electronics, suggesting the deal could tap into some type of disruption system that can take down small drones without firing a shot.

The weapon is just one example of counter-drone technology. Similar U.S. jamming rifles, such as the drone jamming gun, have been used by coalition forces in Iraq to shut down ISIL quadcopters used for surveillance and grenade attacks. Meanwhile, some European militaries are looking for more novel solutions, such as training eagles to attack the wrong small drones.

This anti-drone gun isn’t China’s only jammer either. The country used to sell vehicle-mounted laser cannons: high-altitude guards and higher-powered silent hunters. The Silent Hunter uses lasers to strike air and air targets up to 4 kilometers (about 2.5 miles) away, and at closer ranges it is powerful enough to take down lightly armored vehicles.