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The various GPS jammer options we sell and how to use them

Since technology was such an important part of antiquity, we made sure we offered a small collection to cover its many categories. Check out our product pages and keep reading to find exactly what you need.

Portable GPS Jammer
If you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry around with you, the GPS Jammer and Portable Cellular Jammer range is the way to go. These devices are hand-held and fit easily into your pocket, providing you with maintenance anytime, anywhere. You can choose products for specific uses, such as cell phone jammers, or other products that work with multiple devices and GPS signals.

This will make your device invisible, protect you from tracking, unwanted cold calls, and protect your information.

Wifi Jammer
Offering different types of maintenance, our Wifi jammers work to protect you from data theft, hidden camera logging and tracking your online presence. From corporate applications to corporate applications, these Wifi, spy cameras and Bluetooth jammers help prevent the loss of valuable, expensive data and information.

These radio waves act as tones/disturbances to place your device in front of a protective wall. Malware is a popular method of data theft and hacking, and Wifi jammers prevent these signals from reaching your Bluetooth and Wifi devices.

Vehicle and Automotive GPS Jammers
Car GPS jammers are for those who travel for a mission or who often find themselves on the move. Not only does it help to protect yourself and any passengers from unwanted prying eyes, but it also ensures that any cargo being transported is safe from security breaches.

If it suits your needs, you can install a few items in the car, outside the car, and on items that have a wider impact. These are deployed on the opposite principle of the later-mentioned devices that block the signal and make your device invisible to attacks and tracking.

Government Contracted Jammers
On the other hand, we also provide government contract products for GPS jamming needs. Not only do we offer special discounts on law enforcement and educational equipment, but we also offer on-site installations and product training if required.

The use of these devices is accustomed to sticking under the radar, leaving you undetected in shaded situations. Signals that use blocking and destroying tracking technology can give you an edge in tactical scenarios. Signal jammers have many practical uses, usually counter-terrorism units use these devices to destroy telephone triggers from explosive installations.

Unfortunately, payments can only be stopped by wire transfer, with the exception of direct government purchases if disclosed in advance. Filling out the contact us form will help understand pricing and let us know if you are a secondary buyer or contractor for a government agency.

While our products are reliable and professionally built, parts will wear out over time with use. We offer replacement parts, such as new antennas, batteries and chargers, so you can get your equipment back on duty.