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The shielding range of the signal jammer is not fixed?

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Many people think that the cell phone signal jammer and GPS, WIFI have a fixed shield range, in fact, this is not the case. In many cases, such as when a hacker is near you and using WIFI to invade your network, it’s important to remember that your shielding range isn’t fixed.

A signal jammer is a device that can block the signal of the phone. It can be used in aircraft, trains and some other places where it is necessary to prevent people from using mobile phones or any other electronic devices such as GPS navigation systems and GPS tracking devices. In addition, some private companies also use this kind of equipment to prevent employees from using their smartphones during working hours so as not to distract them from working.

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Wireless signal jammers are devices that can block wireless communications in a certain area. The shielding range of the signal jammer is not fixed, it varies with different models and applications. In general, the shielding range is 500 meters or less than 1 kilometer. Signal jammers can be used to protect the privacy of users and ensure their safety in many places such as schools, airports, hospitals and prisons.

It’s undeniable that signal jammers are powerful tools for self-defense. They have been widely used by police departments to capture criminals in crime scenes or any other places where people may hide illegal equipment such as guns or explosives during an investigation process.

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