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The domestic demand for mobile phone jammers is gradually increasing

One afternoon in early September, an architect on a train heard a woman in her 20s jump up while talking to someone on the phone, and he thought it was “bustling”. Architect Andrew said: “He used the word ‘a lot’. She looked like one of those ‘de borgata’ girls.” Yes.

Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pressed a button the size of a cigarette pack on the black device. The latter recovered a very strong radio signal, which enabled the transmission of Miss Sister’s mobile phone and all other mobile phones within a radius of 30 meters.

The architect confessed: “The lady spoke on the phone for over 30 seconds before realizing that the person on the other end couldn’t hear it.” When he found out he had this power, his response was: “Oh my God! I’m finally at ease.”

With the proliferation of mobile phones in public places and the inability to hear voices during speech, a small but growing group of insurgents is seeking a more conservative solution: cell phone jammers, a type of device that allows all cell phones to transmit Phone. Device completely canceled.

Consumers include cafe and hair salon owners, hotels, theatre operators, bus drivers and, increasingly, commuters.

Wireless jammers are generally considered legal, and they are in most countries. The FCC states: “You may not use a jammer (even publicly owned) in the United States unless you are an authorized user of the federal government. , the use of jammers in schools, theaters, restaurants, or other public or public places is legal.”