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The difference between fixed and portable jammers

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Here we talk about the difference between a fixed jammer and a portable jammer.

I am sure ladies or gentlemen, you have seen the difference between jammers and their size. Some are portable and good to carry around, some have larger table tops and are not as portable as portable jammers, which is very obvious.

But apart from that, desktop jammers do not have automatic chargers and only work when connected to a power adapter, whereas portable jammers all have automatic chargers with built-in batteries and can work jammers like a mobile phone, except for the small GPS, when plugged into an electric lighter.

Board jammers are more powerful than portable jammers. For example the EO05001DE jammer and the EO05204DE jammer both have 5 antennas but the EO05001DE can jam up to a radius of 40 m whereas the EO05204DE can only reach 20 m. Of course the EO05001DE is also more expensive.