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The best way to keep people from making unwanted calls is through the use of a jammer.

portable cell phone jammer

We’ve all had that feeling of dread when we see a friend or family member’s phone number pop up on our caller ID. The same goes for robocalls—those annoying prerecorded calls from telemarketers and spammers that have only gotten more aggressive lately. Fortunately, there are ways to block these intrusions on your peace and quiet.

The best way to keep people from making unwanted calls is through the use of a jammer

These devices block all incoming and outgoing calls on your cell phone by emitting powerful radio frequencies that disrupt communications between phones. It’s important to note, however, that using a mobile phone signal jammer is illegal in most places (except for China). Therefore, it’s best to ask your wireless carrier if they offer an official service that does this for you.

You can also purchase your own cellphone jammer at many electronics stores or websites such as Amazon and eBay; however, these products typically don’t come with warranties so be careful when choosing which one to buy! Some other benefits include: blocking unwanted calls from non-customers; blocking Caller ID information; allowing only certain numbers through while blocking others.

People are not happy with the high rates they have to pay just so they can call their loved ones. Cell phone calls aren’t cheap, especially when you consider the fact that many people have cell phones but do not have phone lines. Even those who do have a landline are paying for both services, since land lines no longer work as well as they used to.

With this problem in mind, there’s no better solution than a portable cell phone jammer. Jamming devices allow you to block unwanted calls while still keeping your existing lines open just in case an emergency arises or someone needs to get through quickly (like an important client).

The best way you can use one of these devices is by plugging it into your phone jack and turning it on before leaving home; this way, anyone who tries calling will hear nothing but static and be unable to reach you at all!

For those who do not have a cell phone, this is even worse. They are not able to block unwanted calls and therefore must pay for a phone call that they do not want to make. They also cannot block harassing calls from others, which can lead to extreme stress and anxiety in some cases.