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The advantages and disadvantages of the installation of common equipment for signal jammers

When there are too many mobile phone signal blocker, especially after multiple buildings in the prison area are shielded, it is difficult to open and close them centrally and uniformly; even if the power cords are displayed uniformly, a special person is required to open and close them on time;

Unable to know the task form and fault of the jammer:

After all the mobile phone signal jammers are activated, managers cannot immediately know which points of the jammer are working properly;

Not energy saving and environmental protection, not conducive to equipment maintenance:

Generally speaking, insisting that all shields are in the open state for many years is not conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, equipment maintenance, and prolonging the service life of equipment (such as factories, canteens, warehouses, etc., unattended at night, and no need to place these positions, mobile phone jammers 24 hours a day) Uninterrupted startup operation);

Inconvenient group control or point-to-point control:

Unable to precisely group or point-to-point timing switch control;

The sight of deliberately destroying the shield installation cannot be avoided:

Managers are unable to immediately determine and learn of the behaviors that affect the normal operation and use of cell phone jammers, such as intentional damage or power cut off by prisoners or prison guards;

The process of manually closing the interceptor cannot be traced and introspected:

More obvious vandalism by prisoners or by guards cannot be traced and investigated (for example, some guards cut off the jammer’s power supply unsupervised at night, and then restored the jammer’s normal power supply the next morning).

Advantages of installing mobile phone shielding network intelligent management system

There is no need to arrange control lines, and the construction of the device is more complicated:

The whole system takes the power carrier as the technical center, and no centralized wiring is required and there is no need for wiring the host between the shielding layers or between the shielding layers and the shielding layers. Each shielding point only needs to get electricity nearby (the power line that supplies power to the shielding layer is not only used for power supply, but also for transmitting remote control signals).

The software is consistent and centralized control and management, and the electronic map is concise and clear:

The whole system is controlled and managed by a set of master control software, and managers can see the shielding state of the monitoring area well through the unit structure diagram (equivalent to the unit electronic map) on the master control software.

Free grouping, fully open, fully closed, groupable (building, partition) switch, point-to-point switch:

Managers can accurately control the on-off of any shielding point by point-to-point or grouping (ie sub-area or sub-building) through the main control software on the main control computer;

Master the operation state and fault of all points, real-time query and automatic query, and automatic alarm:

Managers can manually or automatically query the task state of each mobile phone shielding device, and can find faulty or damaged shielding devices in real time. In the automatic query mode, it can provide real-time sound and light alarms for faulty shielding points, and clearly inform the shielding position;

Time switch, time plan can be edited arbitrarily, energy saving and environmental protection:

The software can be used for accurate timing switch control of any point or group; for some positions that do not need to continue to be turned on for many years, it is beneficial to energy saving, environmental protection and extending the service life of the equipment after the timing starts;

The logging feature helps track and troubleshoot:

then restore the power during the day, this process will be automatically queried. and recorded in the log).

Scalable functions in the future: multi-level networking, data aggregation, and overall control:

This item is an extensible development function in the future and has not been put into use yet: because each system has an independent database, if there are more than one in the province, the lower management department can call each prison database in the future. Monitor the operation of each prison shielding system.