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Super mobile jammers can work for long periods of time

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In China, the requirements for English knowledge and skills are relatively high, so the certification of cet4 and cet6 exams was once opened. Students who have passed the two certification exams will have more opportunities in future assignments, as many companies focus more on English knowledge and skills. Therefore, many universities attach great importance to these two examinations, on the one hand, to plan their future career development, and on the other hand, to allow schools to have a better employment rate.

The importance of these comments in this situation is that cheating is not allowed. To prevent cheating, the competent authority sends teachers to monitor the exam. Not only are teachers willing to teach VIG as cell phone distractions emerge, but signal blockers are also activated during these exam times. Use cell phone jammers to prevent cheating on exams. Many elected talents must pass strict examinations, especially the state’s requirements for civil service examinations. Relatively prevent cheating. Do not allow this damage to human integrity to manifest itself in important state institutions. This is very important.

Thanks for your attention, cell phone jammers are normal. When designing, we use an aluminum alloy wire drawing machine to heat the heat. Thus, temporarily fluctuating tasks can be guaranteed. Therefore, even if the machine becomes hot, the machine will not be damaged.

In open outdoor spaces, cell phone jammers can have an ineffective range of hundreds of meters. Whether indoors or outdoors, the invalid shielding interval is the interval from the base station. It should be noted that mobile jammers are related to general environmental conditions such as installation location. Therefore, the use of signal jammers considers this factor, so it will not protect blind spots and will not affect the shielding effect. Are jammers with wider signal range the same as jammers for GSM and CDMA mobile phones?