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Some people want to know how to DIY a drone jammer

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Ukraine has complained that its U.S.-supplied drones have fallen prey to the jamming capabilities of Russia, which Russia supplies to Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Drone signal jammers take the opposite approach to many drone jamming systems. However, the models used there are simulated and more susceptible to novel interference methods. If you need something fancier than physical blocking, then frequency jamming may be what you need, and Anti-UAV Defense System (AUDS) is one such solution.

The only way you can get around the law is to figure out what frequency the drone’s control signal operates at, and check the FCC’s rules on legal power limits for that frequency (if necessary, acquire any applicable public operator licenses) and make a A transmit antenna that doesn’t exceed this value, and then get it close enough to the intended drone to be effective, while emitting some kind of signal that you can legally claim to be an innocent communication, so your lawyer can say it’s a nuisance rather than an intentional harassment once You were arrested for your very expensive preferences.

It scans the sky for drones and uses its own high-power radio signals to jam its control signals. DIY Drone Jammer jamming the GPS and ISM radio frequencies that control the drone. This electromagnetic field gun safely lowers the drone into the air. However, it is not yet commercially available. This can destroy communication between machines just as it destroys voice communication. Basically, a GPS signal blocker is nothing more than a very weak radio transmitter that emits electromagnetic noise at the frequency the intended receiver operates at, and at a power level high enough to engulf any ineffective communication.