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Some basics of signal jammers

high power signal jammer
  1. Why do some cell phone signal lights keep showing signal during cell phone blocker task?
    It’s just a wrong impression. In fact, this time the phone was unable to communicate. After pressing the dial key, the signal indicator on the signal does not change.
  2. Will the cytostatics interfere with the tasks of other electronic devices?
    Since the telephone signal recovered by the electronic gps jammer fully conforms to the international requirements of the mobile phone task frequency band, the mobile phone communication can only be suspended. Moreover, the signal is relatively static and will not disturb any other electronic products.
  3. Are home jammers harmful to people and mobile phones?
    You can be sure. The signal strength of the electromagnetic signal recovered by the cell phone jammer is very low, and the test data will be displayed. so the mobile phone cannot contact the base station and will not damage the mobile phone.
  4. Can the interval between the built-in and external WLAN jammers of the mobile phone be different?
    Of course, the dead interval of a phone signal jammer is usually referred to as the outer interval. Whether indoors or outdoors, the range of interference from an ineffective shielding interval depends on the environment, such as the distance from the base station and the location of the device.