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Signal jammers to avoid malicious ads

The current mobile phone jammer products on the market are called: mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone jammer, jammer, mobile phone protector, in fact, these are the same product, the function is opposite, that is: an electronic device, basically any electronic device can Work in multiple communication frequency bands, including GSM, DCS, CDMA, WIFI, 4G PHS and even 3G. alarm system, mobile phone in smartphone is basically headlines and marketing: some so-called OEMs or manufacturers’ original equipment manufacturers’ advertising practices are as follows, product type or frequency of product changes deliberately cover up the original There are representatives of the product, giving users a new idea or feeling that the product has many improvements, such as the so-called “smart phone maintenance system”. “Obviously, a cell phone jammer,

As technology develops, the security risks associated with it will increase from time to time. Mobile phone hacking is becoming one of the main problems plaguing ordinary users and mobile phone manufacturers. Hacking used to be a big problem as smartphones and tablets filled the market. Today, all business and official tasks are done through smartphones. As a result, phone hackers are becoming more active these days, with remote fraud and unauthorized use of phone services causing serious damage to companies. They manipulate data, gather confidential information, make phone calls, and perform other activities that can be disastrous for the company.