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Signal jammers to avoid legal recordings

mini portable cellphone jammer

With the development of science and technology, legal recording means are becoming more and more diverse, and legal recording equipment is also becoming more and more diverse, and it is hard to prevent. When you meet someone and know what to say, it means you are legally recorded. When your business operations are known to competitors, your offices and meeting rooms can be legally recorded, and many businesses and groups suffer huge losses.

Some legal elements collect important central secrets in my country’s politics, economy, military, science and technology, etc., and legal recording is one of the means, especially in offices, secret conference rooms, and places where the public security system does not allow recording. For example, in court, we cannot. . Detection of whether people can carry recording equipment can only be avoided through high-tech cell phone jamming devices.

It’s time to say goodbye to information leaks when legal recordings endanger their own and national interests. For legal recording, a new recording jammer device is developed to give yourself a safe and private space and escort the security of state secrets. The products have passed the prestige inspection of the Ministry of Public Security’s National Security Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Ministry of Public Security’s Safety Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center to ensure the quality of the products. It is also the only product tested by the Ministry of Public Security so far.

Excellent, thus ensuring the safety of voice messages. Widely used in: guidance office, confidential conference room, military war room, business negotiation room and other places where recording is prohibited.