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Should the debate about mobile phone jammers be legalised?

Some people say yes. For example, for many people who use mobile phones, they are not aware of what is happening around them. Especially drivers, distracted driving is too dangerous. Or how about Workplace Conversations …… You don’t get paid for destroying candy or other video games on your phone.

The need to communicate is also a glorified way to support mobile phone use. Jammer jammers Should be legal in public libraries, schools, universities, etc. (at least in classrooms) Cell phone jammers should be installed when vehicles are in motion (automatically activate to terminate switch movement when a collision is detected when the vehicle is not in motion, etc.)

Some people say no. For example, people will always need to communicate, even in the most uncomfortable places. Legalising mobile phone jammers would only allow private companies to decide whether they want people to be able to use their phones when visiting their facilities. This would create many problems.

Or they could say that mobile phone jammers should only be used by law enforcement agencies and other entities that may have to block mobile phones to ensure security, such as airports. Civilians can use mobile phone jammers to isolate crime victims and prevent them from calling 911. commercial interests can use mobile phone jammers to force people to use their mobile phones.

What do you think about this?