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Should cell phone jammers be installed in class?

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In today’s world, cell phones are more popular with students than they were a few years ago. There are more and more benefits of using mobile phones in the classroom; whether it should be stopped in the classroom, whether the mobile phone signal blocker should be installed in the classroom, this question has puzzled us for a long time. There are three ideas about how we should use our phones in the classroom.

First, technology is improving like a rocket. It is widely believed that the speed will continue to improve in the future. In this situation, more rudimentary tools should certainly be introduced into the classroom. Therefore, mobile phone voice is a good element that can make the teaching process more efficient, interesting, accurate and interactive. For example, with a powerful video camera, a student who writes slowly doesn’t have to worry about missing something. Although it should be mentioned that cell phones are not prevalent when teachers are in class. And you must install a cell phone signal jammer during the exam to prevent cheating.

Second, students use mobile phones correctly in the classroom, and education in this area is actually lacking. In the long run, faculty and students should try to get used to not using cell phones in class. But over time, as attitudes towards it gradually changed, it became a regular part of education. Also for class. What we need most is ample education, not prohibition.

Third, banning cell phones in class can improve students’ concentration. Most proponents think cell phones are a distraction for students, but the reason students can’t focus on teachers isn’t just because they find something interesting on their phones. Some advocates want to ban cellphones, so they suggest using a jammers during class, and after class worshipers can turn off the jammer’s button and you can use your phone to make calls.