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Do you know how aluminum foil blocks wifi

Whether it’s the bell ringing in class or watching a wonderful performance in the theater, the use of mobile phones can make people around you very distressed. Some dangerous elements conduct short-range surveillance during secret meetings until long-range bombs are triggered. Signal jamming devices vary by type. For these, signal blockers can have drastic disruptive […]

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Many people will like tinfoil phone

Mobile phone addiction is common these days, and some children have poor self-control. Installing signal jammers can prevent children from playing with mobile phones in class, and can also prevent students from ordering takeaway programs on their mobile phones. Therefore, we recommend using a cell phone jammer. These disruptors protect your child from harmless rays […]

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How much do you know about the price of a mobile phone jammer?

The UK will use advanced drone harassment technology at serious public and sporting events to detect, track and destroy the control of any rogue drones that terrorists fly short-range as an aerial weapon. It signals the drone through a wifi signal jammer, making it unresponsive. A female teacher told reporters that the school did install […]

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Blackmail: Deterring rogue drones requires more than RF jamming

If the hum of an aerial drone still shocks you, get used to it! The use of drones has spread to all walks of life (entertainment, science, agriculture, news, medicine, military, logistics, etc.) and inevitably to the darker side as well. Meritorious and terrorist groups, once discovering the versatility of drones, now often deploy them […]

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Solutions worth millions: Controlling radio frequency interference at airports

As air travel became cheaper and more common, ancient airports disposed of a small amount of air traffic. When dealing with hundreds of touchdowns and landings every day, topological risks, weather changes, mechanical failures and security threats, nothing is more important to air traffic control than communications. That’s why in busy airports, when communications are […]

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future of war

The World Economic Forum’s analysis of the future of war brings back a clear message: War will become faster, deadlier, and therefore less human and humane than ever. Humans will have agents on the battlefield (drones), agents at headquarters (threat analysis and instant decision-making), and agents in friends’ backyards (cyber attacks on infrastructure). On the […]

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Prisons generally use multiple antennas and multi-function jammers

The ACT government has said it may consider deploying GPS jammers, which can block cell phone signals. The technology is located at the Alexander McConnell Centre in Canberra, where mobile phones are increasingly among the contraband seized. This week, Goulburn’s Supermax 2 high-security unit installed a new cell phone jammer that harbors extremists and terrorists. […]