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Brand awareness of mobile phone signal jammer determines equipment reliability

Mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers are now many, but a small number of brands to guide the market. I think, a good brand should have the following four characteristics: The brand awareness of mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers is a direct embodiment of the company’s strength. This is not only a reflection of the strength […]

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Does the mobile phone signal jammer affect wired Internet access?

The mobile phone signal jammer is a very useful device, especially in environments where mobile phones may be prohibited. In addition to classrooms and cinemas, jammers are often used to prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world. But what effects do they have on Internet access? Do they affect both wireless and wired Internet connections? […]

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Will a jammer block one frequency or multiple bands at the same time?

A jammer is an electronic device that blocks reception of signals, like GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phones by creating a sound that blocks reception of the signal within a particular geographical area. This can be used in places where direct communication is prohibited for various reasons. The simplest form of jammer consists of a source […]

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Is it as safe to use a GPS jammer as it is to use a mobile phone while charging?

GPS jamming is a relatively low-cost way to disable tracking devices, and the technology is becoming more and more complex as time goes on. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of these devices have not yet shared their research into the health implications of their products. In this article, I will examine how GPS jammers work, how they’re […]

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When you have some personal time, you can turn it on to make your time without interruption by mobile phones.

Mobile phones are changing the way we live and work, but also distracting us, which causes our efficiency to drop. If you want to stay focused without interruptions when you need it, like at a business meeting or during an exam, we have good news: there is an easy way to solve this problem. Mobile […]

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Are all wireless networks susceptible to interference?

All wireless networks are susceptible to interference, but some standards have the capability of detecting interference and switching channels to accommodate for it. Additionally, some wireless routers are more susceptible to interference than others. However, if you’re going to be using a Faraday cage in your home or office, make sure that there is still […]