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How to add other signal frequency bands to the mobile phone signal jammer used in the examination room?

We have to go through a lot of examinations, including high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, etc., CET 4 and 6, various qualification certificate examinations, the annual civil service examination and so on. In the exam room, the rarest test room aids are cell phone jammers to avoid cheating. The current […]

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Everything you need to know about drone jammers

The commercial use of drones has raised concerns among ordinary citizens. These concerns lie in privacy and public nuisance. Drones occupy commercial airspace but are small enough to hum when we stand in our backyards and driveways. According to attorney Lisa Ellan, “Commercial drones represent one of the fastest-growing areas of technology, from disaster response […]

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Blocking the signal won’t end the phone’s use

Jamming the cell signal is not foolproof. Cell phone jammer also have a human element. Blocked signals affect legitimate mobile phones as well as banned mobile phones. Mobile reception is completely blocked, jamming blocks all phones and SIM cards within range of the jammer. Guards and other staff could “accidentally” cut power or otherwise disable […]

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Cell phone jammers maintain public order

Cell phone signal jammer can effectively prevent cell phone leakage, explosions and noise disturbances, and are mainly used in confidential gathering places, gas stations, prisons, important inspections, hospitals, theaters, etc. ——The sales of its products are called “mobile phone signal jammers”, and another shortlisted product promoted by Jincheng Confidential Company of the State Security Bureau […]