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Can cell phone jammers be used in the classroom? Has any school bought a jammer?

Sure, it’s tempting to try and keep your students on task by taking away their cell phones. But it’s not worth the legal or financial repercussions from school administrators and the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a zero-tolerance policy for radio jamming devices. The FCC regulates all wireless communications, including cell phones and […]

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Is it as safe to use a GPS jammer as it is to use a mobile phone while charging?

GPS jamming is a relatively low-cost way to disable tracking devices, and the technology is becoming more and more complex as time goes on. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of these devices have not yet shared their research into the health implications of their products. In this article, I will examine how GPS jammers work, how they’re […]

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The ideal time for high-power 5G mobile phone jammers

The 5G era has now arrived, the Internet of Everything and the Internet of Things are booming, and each person is connected to many devices. In this situation, interference will undoubtedly have a huge impact on social security, politics and other aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to use mobile phone jammers when necessary. In addition […]

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What is the signal jammer trying to tell us?

Signal jammers were developed as a way to combat this invasion of privacy. Signal blockers are devices that block or interfere with communications between cellular phones and their service providers’ networks. They can be used to prevent unwanted calls, protect against attacks on mobile phone networks, or prevent electronic devices from being tracked by GPS. […]

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Cell phone jammers are illegal in most countries due to the amount of interference they create.

Cell phone jammers are devices that prevent cell phones from transmitting or receiving signals to nearby towers, effectively disabling the phone. They work by emitting a signal on the same frequency as a cell phone, which blocks any incoming or outgoing calls that travel through its broadcast area. Cell phone signal jammer were originally designed […]