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Room cell phone jammer is a professional device

The reason I came up with this topic was to inform everyone. There is currently no real room cell phone jammer software on the market. The so-called mobile phone signal shielding software is a kind of scum software, which only blocks the mobile phone signal on the surface, but actually has no effect at all. If you use the market to find, download, and use mobile phone signal blocking software, you will find that these applications can only create superficial data articles, and can’t really affect the signal strength of other devices. Change roles. So, if you just want to have fun, you can download this software and use it. However, if you really want to block other mobile phones in certain places, purchasing a professional mobile phone shielding installation is still a good choice. Cell Phone signal Jammers Electromagnetic wave shields are sold as special products. That means things like radio waves will be blocked. The barrier effect can be guaranteed. It is necessary to keep it out of radio range. You can check your manners in public places. Many people are interested in this product. We also handle wiretap and voyeur detection machines for retail and wholesale. We will do our best to provide customers with satisfactory service.

Make sure the shielding effect and temporary fluctuations work.

We need to know the power of this home mobile phone jammer test, because it is divided into 12W, 16W and 18W, the effective range corresponding to different power is different. If it’s just a small achievement, it’s usually for free space. It can be used in a small area as small as a classroom. However, if you want it to pass through the wall, there is no shielding effect after actually passing through the wall. Therefore, when choosing a low-power mobile phone jammer, try not to go through the wall. Every teacher is equipped with one, and if you are looking for high performance, one machine can serve multiple classrooms. In general, there are still many problems with purchasing a cell phone jammer. We are a manufacturer with a world-class technical support team and years of experience in researching and developing cell phone signal jammers. We received a lot of collaboration. Highly rated by customers, it eliminates electronic fraud in the examination room and is trustworthy. Cell phone jammers have become an inevitable choice. Invest in listening devices that can detect hidden cameras around you. A signal blocker is a device used to protect your rights.

What is your impression of the anti-cheating and confidentiality measures taken during the college entrance examination? Cell phone jammers, metal detectors at home? At one time, a stronger signal shielding device was introduced for the college entrance examination, and its scope even included the whole country. The BBC reports that June 20-25 will be the time for Algeria’s high school diplomas. During this period, the national social network was interrupted by an hour at the beginning of each exam to avoid leaking exam titles.