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To avoid tracking of your person, phone or vehicle, Ajammer’s Tracker Blocker will suspend the tracking signal. Protect your privacy, keep your actions discreet, and prevent unauthorized surveillance by using distracting devices


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    Anti GPS Tracking Jammer

    How do interfering signals interact with metal surfaces?

    Glad you’ve learned about the penetrating power of jammers! Now you know how it spreads under various conditions and what can affect it. Therefore, it is logical to consider metal surfaces that might block these interfering signals and interfere with them in a disruptive manner.

    The way most signal jammers work is to prohibit use near metal surfaces, especially directly on metal surfaces, because the jamming signal is interrupted or distorted. It is best to use the signal jammer away from metal surfaces and place it about 2 meters above the ground.

  • Anti Tracking GPSL1 L2 Signal Jammer

    What GPS bands can be interfered with?

    You are absolutely right about GPS signal bands, they are really few. If the navigation satellites were operating using one frequency band, our navigation system would be completely messed up. But engineers rarely use them to distinguish different tracking purposes and make them work more stable and reliable.

  • Anti Tracking USB GPS Signal Jammer

    Will it prevent the device from being tracked by GPS?

    Yes, nothing goes through a Faraday bag that includes GPS, don’t expect a phone if you keep your phone and tablet in it. They won’t pass. You should probably google this for more info.

  • Car GPS Jammer With USB Port

    What are the components of a signal jammer?

    If you compare them sometimes, cell phone jammers are very different devices. Some signal jammers are simple, while others are very complex devices that combine many components to make it work. If you want to learn more about all the major parts that might be used in any type of jammer, read this article.

    All components have been carefully selected to minimize the size of the signal jammer, maximize its output power and improve the overall effectiveness of the jamming process. In addition to great usability, manufacturers try to create aesthetically pleasing jammers for customers to enjoy the look of the devices they use.

  • Car Truck SUV GPS Jammer Signal Jammer

    How much temperature can a signal jammer withstand?

    Signal jammers are electronic devices that work under certain external conditions, and ambient temperature is one of them. You see, most jammers have strictly defined temperatures and they do the job perfectly. If the temperature goes below zero or above +50 degrees Celsius – you never know what will happen, especially if your jammer doesn’t have a cooling fan.

  • Cell Phone GPS Anti Track 8 Channel Signal Jammer

    Is it possible to track me when my GPS jammer is on?

    First of all, you should know that stalking people is illegal, and the person who has the device under your car could be a criminal, of course, if he or she doesn’t have authorization for it, and they’re not from the police or the FBI. We have some experience with illegal tracking issues, there are several ways they can track your location with GPS jammers turned on.

  • Military OBD Car Anti Tracking GPS Jammer

    How penetrating is the jammer signal?

    You are absolutely right about what cell phone jammers do in this area. In fact, the signal it will output will be maximized outdoors when there is a lot of open space around and nothing interferes with its free flow. But when it comes to the use of cell phone jammers in urban areas, there are many factors that affect the signal.

    The signal output by any particular interfering device is nothing but the same radio signal as any other interfering device. Therefore, this radio signal will also behave the same as other radio signals. Depending on the surrounding area and things around, like houses, vehicles, the material of those things, the signal will be different. All of this affects the jamming radius of a signal jammer, no matter what frequencies it blocks.

  • Mortage Car Glonass GPS Signal Jammer

    Can I fall asleep with the jammer turned on?

    First of all, if you want to keep your jammer working all night, you have to use an AC adapter to power it, as the battery won’t last it all night. This power adapter, as well as additional power adapters made for automotive use, are usually supplied with most types of jammers, whether portable or desktop models.

    Regarding your question, you probably don’t need to worry unless you keep a signal jammer close to your head, as this can be as risky as cell phone radiation you may have heard about. But if you put the signal jammer somewhere, like on a table, it will work fine and you can sleep well.

  • Portable Anti Tracking Device GPS Jammer

    Can I make someone who is following me stop?

    From what you’ve said here, I’m guessing you probably don’t want to break into walls and do other destructive actions to your home just to find those hidden spy cameras, right? If this is true then don’t worry, there is a way to stop this crazy stalker from annoying you and trying to ruin your life in this perverted way. To forget about those hidden cameras, you can use any hidden spy camera jammer, whether it’s a portable model or a desktop.

  • U Disk Glonass GPS Signal Jammer

    Is the range of the GPS jammer real?

    After the product is received, it can be tested in person, and it can be blocked within the scope of the description of the merchant.