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Portable cell phone jammer is easy to carry and use

Today, many students in schools have their own cell phones. Cell phones were once an essential tool for many students and teachers. You will find that most students use mobile phones to access the Internet. Many students tend to listen to music and play video games in class. The sudden ringing of your cell phone during class is often a distraction.

And it can also help some students cheat on their phones… a new scene, “cyberbullying” is texting and social media when a husband needs to pay, sometimes torturing others is really annoying, jammers are selling very well these days Popular dry cell phone jammers. Do you have cheating experience? Yes, almost everyone has this idea.

In the information age, cheating techniques seem to be more and more sophisticated, and cheating on electronic devices such as mobile phones is a very common occurrence. In order to prevent students from cheating using cell phones, schools use cell phone jammers to block cell phone signals.

Classrooms are usually not very large, so cell phone jammer are recommended. They can leave the classroom on the phone without disturbing others. Perhaps, if necessary, you can close the jam unit. Some portable internet jammer devices can disrupt phone signals. In essence, it claims to be a channel that shields the transmission of signals from base stations to mobile phones. The problem is that it disables emergency calls. In fact, when the phone is placed in an unauthorized place, there are ways to put it in “silent mode” (since the carrier always knows the position of the phone). However, no one offers it as a product or specification, but it’s not particularly difficult.