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Why isn’t Google indexing pages? What else can you use other than URL checking tools?

Before 2 months, if the boss asked the marketer to report the website address check, they would have heard their wail.
The retrieval and indexing of web pages by Google is only the beginning of SEO. If the URL has never been caught (retrieved) by Google crawlers and put into the database (indexed), even if the user enters the keyword you created in the search engine, it will not be See your page in search results, let alone top rankings.
Therefore, one of the tasks performed by SEO marketers is to regularly check the index status of important URLs on the website to ensure that every URL that users want to search for has been crawled by Google and indexed; if the page is not indexed, then It is necessary to find out the cause and troubleshoot the error and fix the problem immediately.

How do marketers generally confirm the indexing status of URLs?

Marketers can check the status of Google’s indexed sites with the Google Search Console coverage report, which only lists the results of all Google-crawled URLs. Therefore, if marketers want to know the indexing status of a specific URL, they need to enter the relevant URL in the URL checking tool to further see the Google indexing status data of the URL. Too many URLs will consume time.

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