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Mobile jammers can transmit through the opposite RF

The ability to successfully block a cell phone signal is basically the same as blocking any other type of cellular communication with a standard signal blocker. Note that wireless devices can operate by communicating directly with designated service networks via base stations or towers. Cell phone jammers can successfully transmit over the opposite radio frequencies […]

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Cell phone jammers are very ineffective at blocking cell phone signals

Today, more and more people are familiar with interference products. Because jammers are used in many places, such as churches, hospitals, movie theaters, gas stations and universities. Jammers are the most popular distraction devices today, because the melody of phones and loud conversations in public places can irritate many people. More cell phones will affect […]

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Mobile jammers will expand around the world

With the popularity of smart phones, almost everyone has a mobile phone, and its communication products are also very convenient. You can easily stop more family communication, even video calls. However, the use of mobile phones is becoming more and more serious. Smartphones have functions such as shooting, GPS positioning, and GPS navigation. These features […]