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If you want to buy a cigarette lighter tracker blocker

Vietnam’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that China’s military drone harassment gun equipment in the Truong Sa outpost in the Nansha archipelago in the South China Sea (commonly known as the East China Sea in Vietnam) is a serious violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty. A NSW Correctional Services spokeswoman said the Australian Communications and Media […]

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Some people want to know how to DIY a drone jammer

Ukraine has complained that its U.S.-supplied drones have fallen prey to the jamming capabilities of Russia, which Russia supplies to Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Drone signal jammers take the opposite approach to many drone jamming systems. However, the models used there are simulated and more susceptible to novel interference methods. If you need something […]

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U.S. and China’s Anti-Drone Technology

The United States and China continue to take countermeasures, applying their anti-drone technology to design and produce anti-drone harassment installations or guns. These countries are believed to use these devices as Wi-Fi jammers to counteract the activity of any Wi-Fi jammers. US Anti-Drone GPS JammerIn recent years, the U.S. military has been evaluating different counter-drone […]

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Solutions worth millions: Controlling radio frequency interference at airports

As air travel became cheaper and more common, ancient airports disposed of a small amount of air traffic. When dealing with hundreds of touchdowns and landings every day, topological risks, weather changes, mechanical failures and security threats, nothing is more important to air traffic control than communications. That’s why in busy airports, when communications are […]

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Legality of Global Jammers

Techniques to intentionally interfere with electromagnetic frequencies have been implemented in a variety of devices that are increasingly being made available to groups and organizations. While some jammers block communications indiscriminately, there are several types of specialized devices designed to block certain signals. Among the most popular are cell phone jammers, wifi signal jammers, drone […]

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Cell phone jammers are deployed at the center to prevent the use of cell phones

When we need quiet conditions, such as reading books, listening to music, listening to TV, away from phone noise, classroom teachers, library and other conditions. Blocking cell phone signals is the best way. In many other cases, additional frequency bands must be added. So, if you’re looking for those powerful electrical signal conditioners, new, more […]

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The effective interval of the jammer refers to the indoor interval

Many people use mobile phones these days. Smart users are indifferent to what’s going on around them. Contact with friends and family tends to increase. How can we improve this situation? Please visit this website. We have many high quality mobile GPS blocker here. Avoid unauthorized use of your smartphone. Can eliminate the obstruction of […]

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Stay away from hackers and keep your information safe. You need a signal jammer!

With the rapid development of the mobile phone market, smartphones were once a must-have tool for everyone today. With the advent of more and more scientific products, we also have to face various problems. Among them, hackers are constantly a big trouble. Hackers find that mobile devices are more vulnerable than computers. Your phone understands […]

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Analysis of the reasons for missed and false positives in the current mobile phone signal detector + mobile phone jammer solution

At present, all kinds of mobile phone signal detectors and their linked mobile phone jammers in the international market generally have false positives and false positives. The reasons are as follows: False alarm: The mobile phone signal detection machine or the mobile phone signal detection system detects the change of the near field strength of […]