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Handy cell phone signal jammer

After one-click management, command all the controlled signal jammer equipment, and through software and computer control, complete the introspection, scheduling, monitoring and use of shielding equipment; provide professional, Convenient and intelligent management and service; our company provides various mobile phone signal amplifiers, intensifiers, repeaters and corresponding accessories for various buildings, buildings, underground parking lots, teahouses, […]

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Do you know the misunderstanding of shielding installation in the examination room?

The test room protective cover has become an indispensable auxiliary tool for the test room, which provides a guarantee for the information security of the test room. However, if we do not use the equipment reasonably, there will be poor actual results and even accidents in the examination room. The reasonable operation method of testing […]

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US special forces will soon use manual signal transmission to destroy drones

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) has acquired an undisclosed number of manually-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) that can thwart enemy electronic signals in “disputed areas.” The Defense Department did not provide details about the capabilities of the “secret” drone developed by the Hornet program, but noted that the tiny aircraft was designed to […]

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Countries plan to deploy jammers in different locations

Last week, France’s industry minister agreed to a resolution to allow cinemas, concert halls and theatres to set up them – as long as they are set up properly, emergency calls can still be made. But Industry Canada, which oversees the country’s telecommunications, decided not to, saying the devices could violate personal liberty and undermine […]

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Use of cell phone jammers

Even people who have not experienced it should know the mobile phone blocker in the college entrance examination room. A cell phone jammer is actually such an item. What is a shielding device and where can it be used? Universities, gas stations, major churches, courts, public libraries, international conference centers (rooms), cinemas, hospital outpatient clinics, […]

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What are the benefits of using a conference room cell phone jammer during a meeting?

Why use cell phone jammers in meetings? Mobile phones are used to transmit voice and data information in the open electronic communication system. Therefore, if the mobile phone information is stolen during the meeting, the loss will be very serious, so most governments or companies will use the mobile phone signal blocker to block the […]

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Can one mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room block one classroom?

Important entrance exams, qualification exams or final exams require the installation of mobile phone signal blockers in the exam room to block electronic signals around the exam room and avoid possible electronic fraud. So, how much area can the cell phone signal blocker in the test room block? Can only one jammer in the examination […]

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How to add other signal frequency bands to the mobile phone signal jammer used in the examination room?

We have to go through a lot of examinations, including high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, etc., CET 4 and 6, various qualification certificate examinations, the annual civil service examination and so on. In the exam room, the rarest test room aids are cell phone jammers to avoid cheating. The current […]

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Everything you need to know about drone jammers

The commercial use of drones has raised concerns among ordinary citizens. These concerns lie in privacy and public nuisance. Drones occupy commercial airspace but are small enough to hum when we stand in our backyards and driveways. According to attorney Lisa Ellan, “Commercial drones represent one of the fastest-growing areas of technology, from disaster response […]