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Mobile phone jammers are products with relatively wide coverage

4G cell phone jammer are independent shielding products, and cannot be called maintenance systems. The maintenance system can be called centralized control. The application of a variety of shielding products can be integrated to provide a highly centralized control of the shielding product forming system. A series of smart phone screen management systems developed by […]

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Mobile phone jammers affect the lives of surrounding residents

Schools “separated by a wall” from their communities tend to hold exams on weekends, while surrounding communities are “completely devoid of signal”. “Can schools reduce the range of cell phone jammers without affecting our living needs?” Recently, some readers reported their “special troubles”. “This year, from New Year’s Day to now, Hefei No. 1 Middle […]

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Cell Phone Jammers Help You Find War

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, waves of electrical energy that travel through space. Every part of our lives uses radio waves of various frequencies. Cell phones can pick up signals over radio waves. The radio wave frequencies used in telephones have several deterrents. Features are also different. Correct use is ineffective. It brings bento to […]

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Cell phone jammers can help you out of trouble

What’s the most important thing in buying a cell phone jammer? Product specifications and features are important. Many customers consider product performance and other factors. Upon receipt of the item, you will receive an instruction manual. As you read the description, you’ll notice key specs like frequency, working radius, battery, and warranty. Many manufacturers specify […]