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Multifunctional handheld GPS signal jammer

5G signal jammer

This device is considered by many to be a great solution for security in cars. It is equipped with built-in antennas, which allows you to effectively jam GPS satellite signals, but it does not interfere with mobile phone signals. The work is performed using a high gain antenna and a built-in powerful Li-ion battery. The device works continuously up to 2 hours when connected to the car charger or 3 hours when connected to the supplied power supply unit.

Best gps jammer with built-in high gain antenna

High gain antennas are more effective for GPS signal jamming than other types of antennas because they cover a larger area. A high gain antenna can be used to block the signal in a large area or to target a smaller area.

Built-in powerful Li-ion battery (7.4V / 2600mAh)

You can use it when you are traveling or working in a remote area if you have power supply issues.

Designed for outdoor activities, car charging and charging from the power adapter is supported

The device is designed for outdoor activities, car charging and charging from the power adapter is supported.

Outdoor activities: The product has a compact size and it can be easily hidden in a backpack or a bag with other items to prevent others from noticing it. It also has a battery life of up to 30 hours, which means you can use the product continuously when it’s on mute mode, so there’s no need to recharge it once every day.

Car charging: This mini portable GPS jammer can be used in cars as we have shown above. Since there are many people using this machine at work or home offices during their travel time on their way back from work or visiting friends’ houses! It will help them get rid of those annoying cell phone calls while driving safely without causing any accidents caused by distraction due to excessive use of cell phones while driving!

Small size and light weight, very easy to carry

The size and weight of our handheld GPS signal jammer are compact, small and light enough to carry easily. It also provides users with the convenience of being able to carry it around without feeling any burden. This can be used for travel, car security, office security, home security or meeting room etc.

It’s a must have gadget for travelers who don’t want anyone knowing their location during their trip!

Remember, the device can be used anywhere and at any time. Don’t worry about its operation, because it is very simple thanks to a display that shows the status of all connections. Our GPS signal jammer will meet your expectations!