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Mobile phones are not safe for hackers

If hackers get into your phone, they are looking to steal valuable information and accounts. They are opportunistic and see when to shoot. They can do this with an SMS Trojan.

Are there any strange text messages or phone calls in your phone history?

Look for new account registration verification.

Mobile phone hacking risks ambush
This type of hacking is less likely to happen to strangers, but from someone you think. Even if it’s not a stranger hacking your phone, it’s still a critical security challenge.

In a digital world, moving towards a WFH (work at home) approach, people naturally gravitate towards their mobile devices and smartphones to store sensitive information. This opens up a world full of flaws.

Is the iPhone safe from hackers?
People often wonder about this question: Is the iPhone safe from hackers? No phone maker is safe from hackers. They are unscrupulous characters and will find a way to attack.

If you have an iPhone, one way to protect yourself is to enable Find My iPhone in your settings. That way, if you accidentally misplace your phone, hackers won’t be able to get it.