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Mobile phone jammers used in prisons

Sources say that Berlin will expand the jamming of prison postings. This is because it prevents the use of mobile phones in prisons to prevent crime.

Sven Risman, spokesman for CDP legal policy, says: “This makes a good contribution to preventing harm to safety in prison.” In particular, contact with the outside world must be prevented during detention so that prisoners do not interfere with ongoing proceedings.

Telephone calls do not belong in prison. The barriers to access outside the prison are unknown. Mobile phones in prison can clearly cause harm and some crimes can be communicated through them. So, mobile phones should certainly not be in prison.

But mobile phones are often thrown over the prison walls. Earlier, police found many mobile phones in the guardhouse that appeared to have been smuggled or thrown over the prison fence. Phones are as popular as prisons for you. By law, they carry drugs for drug distribution, coercion and blackmail. They say that crime is measurable in a comfortable system of freedom.

There are all kinds of phone jammers on the market. To apply for a prison, there must be a wide range of jamming and adjustable precision to ensure that only the prison area is affected and not the environment. This is very difficult. In order to prevent prisoners from tampering with the jammers, the jammers block telephone or internet connections in a particular room, with antennas installed in the roof of the basement and in the prison. This makes it impossible for inmates to access the system. However, compliant jammers are also very expensive, making the purchase of a WiFi jammer very costly. So not all prisons in Berlin use jammers.