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Mobile phone jammer sales are determined by market demand

In today’s society, signal blocker are not unfamiliar, they are used in very common places, and the place we are most familiar with is schools. When we were in school, all of us suffered from our school’s ban on cell phone jammers. Here we will briefly introduce the principle of its jammers, so that everyone can understand some preventive measures of mobile phone jammers.

Who sells radio jammer in the SEG electronics market, said that most of the mobile phone jammers sold are for civilian use, and it is difficult to guarantee that someone will use them for pranks or legitimate profits. The owner of a kiosk in Shenzhen used a mobile phone jammer to disrupt a nearby base station.

The owners are trying to keep the phone out of range 1 so people can use the payphone. dial. “For example, in confidential government meetings, there is no signal. Therefore, the cell phone jammer industry is the best The solution is not monopoly, but subject to norms,” ​​the anonymous source said.